Wyoming Hunting Outfitter's


Wyoming Hunting Outfitter's Good Will Policy

Its always been our goal to provide our Clients with a Professional, Traditional Western style hunt. Our Clients will tell you that we will do our absolute best to see that you get a chance to get shooting. Most of our hunts are at or near 100% shooting. Now we all know that there is alot more to hunting than just filling your tag. The true Western Hunt embodies so much more than just that! 


Even though we offer very successful hunts, sometimes the hunting can even get tough for us! After all, this is true fair chase hunting in very remote areas.  Many variables are beyond our control. And  as everybody knows, there are NO GUARANTEES  in fair chase  hunting. 


That being said, you as a hunter invest quite a bit of money on your hunting adictions! In order to offer you some protection, and maybe make it a bit easier to book your trip with Wyoming Hunting Outfitter's,  and to prove what kind of a Professional Hunting Company we are, we have adopted a Good Will Policy.  It will consist of the following:

A hunter will be entitled to a 10% Discount on their next hunt with us if they do not get a shot at one legal animal that they hold a tag for. If on a combination hunt, a shot at either one animal.(Not Both) Hunters who qualify for the discount must have finished their hunt. If they missed or wounded an animal, they do not qualify.  

We will always endeavor to provide our Clients with actual Benefits as an incentive to book their hunt with us.

Good Hunting